Introduction to Be Competition Free™

Welcome to Be Competition Free™

Be Competition Free™ is a complete suite of products and services that are ready-to-use immediately to create a thorough, cost-efficient, and effective marketing campaign for your carpet cleaning business.

Steve Marsh began developing Be Competition Free™ over 12 years ago to teach other small business carpet cleaners like himself how to have a more enjoyable business, get more quality jobs, and make more profit. He draws on 30 years of running his highly successful single-truck carpet cleaning business, Magic Wand Services, Inc. Over the last 12 years, he has been mentoring 100s of his fellow carpet cleaners with Be Competition Free™ principles, and has watched his students grow their businesses with smashing results! Feel free to read some of their testimonials - here.

Be Competition Free™ is powerful! Our mission is to save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of trial-and-error traditional marketing. Be Competition Free™ will even eventually wean you from expensive traditional advertising by allowing you to attract and keep loyal repeating customers. That's a far cry from the crowd of your competitors who advertise lower and lower rates -- yelling "pick me! pick me!" to everybody with carpet. Once you are able to break free from this hectic, competitive crowd, you are "Competition Free" with all the warm-market customers you can handle, and that is our goal.

In September, 2009 we unveiled our brand new package pricing which makes our suite of products and services more affordable and flexible than ever for every budget! Take the time to look over everything you get in our Marketing Makeover Packages.

Your job is to educate yourself to become the best carpet cleaner you can be. This is where your time is best spent. Then you can provide your customers with expert quality and impeccable service. OUR JOB is to provide you with the materials and the know-how you need to find and keep your best repeating customers by building trust, keeping in touch, farming referrals without being pushy, and creating a relationship with your "A" customers for life (or at least until your comfortable retirement).

That's where the money is. That's where the enjoyment is -- loyal, quality, repeating customers. And it's easier and less work than you think to find them. Everybody with carpet needs to have it cleaned. But not all customers are created equally. We teach you how to identify a customer that will repeat for life and how to keep them regularly using your services. We teach you how to Be Competition Free!

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