Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions - Marketing


Can I get the whole program all at one time?
Yes. We normally recommend using the module approach. It is sectioned out over a period of time to make it easier to implement and pay for.

Do you print the materials and mail them for me?
At this time that responsibility is still yours. We design and customize your marketing materials. We tell you best way to reproduce and distribute each piece.

What if I am already using a different newsletter?
Not all newsletters are the same. The Be Competition Free™ quarterly consumer newsletter was specifically designed to project you and your company as being the carpet and upholstery cleaning expert. You will find the newsletter to be versatile and a key component in this marketing program.

How much does it cost for printing and postage annually to do your system?
For a one-truck business the annual marketing expense for printing and postage is less than $3,500 annually based on a mailing list of 1,000.

What if I am currently in another marketing program?
The Be Competition Free™ program is designed to appeal to the most profitable residential consumer. Staying consistent in your message is critical. Mixing in other marketing approaches confuses your market and will hinder the results. You may want to use different materials for commercial accounts if you are trying to develop them.

Should I wait until I’ve been in business for a while before starting?
Absolutely not! If you are just starting in business, we will quickly guide you through the startup decisions you will need to make. We can save you time and money at the most critical time. It is ideal to establish your marketing system before you are ready to actually start cleaning.

What if I don’t want to use some of the marketing tools in the program?
That is fine, but this is a package program. This program is designed to help both startup and well-established companies. All of the tools may not be appropriate for your business at this time, but the pieces are not sold separately.

I’m just starting in business. How long will it take for me to be earning $100,000 per year?
We have had some clients reach this point in less than a year. Most can reach that level in 2-3 years. Some people may never achieve that level. You are the main determining factor. We provide the ready-to-use tools and a realistic marketing plan.

How much time will I need to devote to learning this system?
This program was designed to save you time. The training is accomplished with audio CDs. The program includes approximately 30 hours of audio training intended to be listened to as you are driving.

Do I need to be in my office to receive the mentoring coaching calls?
No. If you choose personal mentoring with Steve Marsh, you will have scheduled 25-minute coaching phone appointments. We will call you. Many clients inform their customers that they will be taking a 25 minute break from the cleaning job. It’s as if you were taking a coffee break.

What if I have an office person who will be implementing the system for me? Great! We encourage businesses that have reached a “true profit” level, to delegate the marketing system responsibilities. The audio training is appropriate for a marketing administrator.

There is another cleaner in my town who uses your system. Will there be a conflict?
No. One of the good aspects of this system is that your marketing will be precisely targeted. Your marketing materials will only be seen by about 1000 people per cleaning truck. We deal with a small marketing footprint, not mass advertising.

What is your connection with Prochem?
Steve Marsh completely designed and is in 100% control of the Be Competition Free™ System. Prochem has volunteered to sponsor the program because they see how this program can benefit the success of their customers.

Will this program work for a large multi-truck company?

Will this system help me get more commercial work?
This program was designed to specifically attract profitable repeating residential customers. Your improved professional image will help you with any other services you provide. Our specialty lies with this specific residential target market.

Will this system work in a small town?
Yes. The principles that make this system so effective will work in any size town.

What if my town doesn’t have a lot of high-end homes?
Customers don’t have to live in expensive homes to appreciate using a company that conveys a feeling of professionalism and confidence.

Do I need to tweak the materials to make them appropriate for my customers?
The beauty of this system is that your printed materials are ready to be printed. We actually discourage you from making any “creative changes”.