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After signing up and making your initial payment with the online sign-up form, you should receive a WELCOME email within an hour.

We will then send you a WELCOME letter, via snail mail. You should receive that within a week.

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Program Terms of Service

Be Competition Free: First shipment (seminar only) is refundable if returned within 30 days. No other refunds are available at any other time. Cancellation of participation at any time prior to the completion of the program is allowed with no penalties (any product enroute or any payments already made, are completely non-refundable).

I accept the terms and conditions above and understand that the Be Competition Free Marketing Program monthly fees will automatically be billed to my credit card the first or fifteenth of each month by "Magic Wand Services, Inc." until I notify them that I do not wish to participate, or the program is completed (for a maximum total of $5,382). There will be a $100 charge to re-start the program at current pricing after payment failure or delay and any requests to quit, stop, or go "on hold".

Copyright Agreement All printed materials and digital master copies that are provided by Steve Marsh through the Be Competition Free Marketing Program are for program members exclusively. They are intended for distribution to your company's customers only. These materials are not intended to be shared with other carpet cleaning businesses. You are not authorized to share them in chat rooms, nor circulate them within trade associations or other groups to which you belong. Content may not be used in Yellow Page ads, Val-Pak coupons, or other "public advertising" venues.

These are not to be used in any part or form on the internet. you may not post the newsletters or any excerpts from them or other materials on your website. You may email them to your customer list as long as they are not accessible to someone looking online. these restrictions are necessary to protect Magic Wand Services, Inc. and Steve Marsh's copyrights. You have made a significant investment in the right to use these materials. It would be to your disadvantage to freely give these away.

Additional Info for Program 2 - Be Competition Free

If you signed up for Program 2 (Be Competition Free), we will ask you for some additional items (see below) so we can begin work on your printed materials. You can start gathering the items now.
The items are:

Company Logo Please provide to us either a digital format or scanable high quality artwork. We need to know at least the font used for your company name and your color scheme, even if you have no additional logo.

Owner(s) Portrait Photograph (optional, but highly recommended) It will be used in quarterly consumer newsletters and in your company brochure. Use a digital camera (if possible) against a totally plain white background. Take a "head and shoulders shot" only, and wear the company uniform if you have one. Send more than one. Any good quality photo(s) are also acceptable.

Business Cards Please mail us 5 business cards to be inserted into your customized printed materials. Actual cards required.

Singular or Plural How should we refer to your business? With I, me, mine -or- us, we, ours in the marketing pieces we customize for your business.

Owner/Operator? or do employees do the jobs?

Certifications / MembershipsThe Clean Trust (IICRC) certified? We'll need your certification number and which certifications you hold.

Other Certifications / Associations For example, CRI Seal of Approval, Trade Associations, Chamber of Commerce, BBB, etc.

Current Referral/Rewards Program Please describe what you are currently offering.

When you have this material together, please Go to THIS PAGE and fill out the form.

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