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Be Competition Free - Program Details

Most companies get stuck in phase I of starting a business. They have built their customer base by offering a good service for a competitively low price. The problem with this strategy is that profits are limited due to frequent incentive discounts offered, customers expecting only low prices, and high costs of advertising. On top of that, low-price customers often have exceptionally soiled carpets and expect miraculous results. These consumers also rarely repeat or refer their friends. It becomes ongoing battle of working really hard but producing minimal profit.

I’m sure you have heard about companies that charge above average pricing and are fully booked almost completely from just repeat and referral customers. How did those companies shift away from price-shoppers and the dependence on advertising?

This shift is what Be Competition Free is all about.

Two types of consumers

There are two types of consumers—those who use home services, such as carpet cleaning, regularly, and those who don’t. Consumers, who use home services often, have a very different value system and require a completely different marketing approach.

Most startup owners do not understand or recognize the huge difference between these groups and use the same strategy for both markets. They soon realize that their original strategy fails to work for the more profitable repeat/referral consumer market.

Be Competition Free is a turnkey marketing system that solves this problem.

What is good follow-up?

Good customer follow-up is far more than just sending ads to past customers. It is an integrated system designed to remind customers of who you are and how to contact you, when it is time to repeat their service, educate them about all of the other services you provide, demonstrate how you are different from all other service companies they have ever used, and to build loyalty by establishing a professional relationship.

Be Competition Free is designed and customized for your company with the different strategy already built into the system. The beauty of this is that you don’t have to fully understand how it works in order to use it.

In-depth audio training comes with the program which explains the new strategy and how each piece of the marketing system contributes to creating a repeat and referral clientele.

Digital follow-up doesn’t work

Over the last 10 years, advertising has massively shifted from print to digital. This same shift though, does not apply to customer follow-up. It sure would be nice if we could apply the same digital technology to the way we stay in touch with customers since the digital world is a lot less expensive and far easier to maintain.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that digital customer follow-up simply is ineffective. The old print media and snail-mail still rules for increasing customer frequency, loyalty, and referrals. If you want to shift your customer base to become a loyal repeat and referral clientele, we must use the same traditional marketing tools. I’m sure that in the future, customer follow-up will also eventually shift to digital, but for now we need to stay with what is proven to work.

Be Competition Free is a complete marketing and follow-up system. It is designed to make your company look more appealing than your competitors and help you stay in touch in order to increase the frequency your customers use your service and to encourage them to refer your company.

18 months to a complete system

Be Competition Free has been sectioned into 18 monthly modules. Each is complete with a set of customized marketing pieces designed to make your company look exceptionally professional, specific audio training explaining each piece and how they are to be used, and business training which explains the new strategy. There is a scheduled monthly coaching call along with email support to answer questions and to work on other areas of your business marketing.

From the beginning your customers will see a major change in the appearance of your business. Receiving the modules over the 18 month period makes it easy to implement, and spreads out the cost of the program. It allows you to keep up with the training without getting bogged down.

You are provided the digital masters for each piece which can then be printed on your office printer or hired out to be printed. Your coach with help you decide on the specifics for which will work best for your situation. You are responsible for the costs involved in printing and mailing.

By the end of the 18 months you will have a complete marketing system up and running that will meet your marketing needs for the next twenty years.

A follow-up system costs money

You might be thinking that it is expensive to mail stuff to customers. You’re right, but it’s a whole lot less than the tens of thousands of you are currently wasting on discounts, advertising, and low-quality customers.

Guaranteed system

There is no way to answer all of your questions before you commit to a program like this. But that should not stop you from signing up and getting started. You will know beyond a shadow of doubt if this program is for you during the first month. If for any reason you do not think this is going to work for you or you want to go in a different direction, all you have to do is let us know during the first month and we will gladly refund your money. This is a month-to-month program so you don’t have to worry about getting locked into a long term contract.

When you start the program you will receive a six hour audio seminar which begins to explain the strategy and how the various tools of the system work. You will have a scheduled coaching call during that month to answer questions and to start to evaluate what you are currently doing for marketing. During this period we will be gathering information about your business so that we will be able to start customizing your new marketing materials.

There is no other advanced, turnkey, and easy-to-use marketing system in the cleaning industry. The specific goal of this program is to get you to the point of taking home $100,000 annually from your company after paying all of the business expenses.

Contact us today to answer any remaining questions and/or to get started.

Coaching Calls

One-on-one mentoring with Steve Marsh: You will have scheduled one-on-one coaching calls with Steve Marsh (one per month). During these calls, you will work together to develop a personalized plan to reach your goals fast. These calls help you maximize the benefits you receive from using this new marketing system.

Audio Training

6 audio CDs lay out the program for implementing this balanced and effective marketing system. The seminar explains how all of the pieces work together. It also explains how the most profitable customers need more than advertising to persuade them to switch to your company. Attracting profitable consumers requires this strategy.

Branded Materials

These beautiful marketing tools, including the Be Competition Free™ Consumer Newsletters, are designed to work together to form a complete and cohesive marketing system. We design each piece with your logo, colors, themes, and contact information. This system will show your customers that you are the quality "expert" they need.

Consumer Newsletters

Be Competition Free™ Consumer Newsletters have industry-related articles which enable you to use them for both customer follow-up and for prospecting. They show your customers that you are a quality expert. They give your customers timely tips about carpet cleaning maintenance and are part of the powerful Be Competition Free™ system that reminds your customers of your services.

Advanced Marketing Training

Audio training CDs that provide more in-depth audio business and strategy training for the owner/operator and staff. These audio CDs go into more details about business development. Some of the topics discussed include pricing your services, grooming your clientele, up-selling additional services, building a prospect list, and much more!

Ready to Be the Best?

Create a professional, clean image from your marketing materials to your van and uniform. Be the trustworthy cleaning expert that your customers will seek over and over. Know your "magic numbers" and how to keep track and reach your goals, and create the business you've always wanted.

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If you have any questions or would like to discuss how Be Competition Free™ can benefit you, please feel free to give us a call and talk to Steve Marsh personally!


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