Be Competition Free

The Be Competition Free™ Program

Design your business for success, right from the start.
Single Truck Success™ along with Be Competition Free™ will help you develop a crystal clear, detailed vision for the life of your business, and will take you to the highest level of profits.

Make More Money by Rising Above the Crowd!

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Do you want to be the best? Are you passionate about providing outstanding service, working for the best customers, and charging more?

Don't settle for one type of customer

You can advertise like crazy, and you'll receive a lot of phone calls looking for the lowest price. That is the customer than all your competition is fighting for. There is another type of customer that you can attract right from the start. They are repeating customers who will use your services regularly for the lifetime of their carpets. Be Competition Free™ is a complete program, with training and all the printed materials you need, that allows you quickly and effectively build a clientele of the most profitable and enjoyable customers.

Make More Money

Be Competition Free™ is a program that will train you and provide you with the know-how and materials you need so you can make more money per truck than you thought possible, WITHOUT WORKING HARDER! Follow the details of the program, and you'll be in position to make at least $100,000 annually, with customers that you will get to know and enjoy personally. Single Truck Success™ starts you off on the right path. Be Competition Free™ takes you to higher level.

Be Competition Free Includes:

Coaching Calls

One-on-one mentoring with Steve Marsh: You will have scheduled one-on-one coaching calls with Steve Marsh (one per month). During these calls, you will work together to develop a personalized plan to reach your goals fast. These calls help you maximize the benefits you receive from using this new marketing system.

Audio Training

6 audio CDs lay out the program for implementing this balanced and effective marketing system. The seminar explains how all of the pieces work together. It also explains how the most profitable customers need more than advertising to persuade them to switch to your company. Attracting profitable consumers requires this strategy.

Branded Materials

These beautiful marketing tools, including the Be Competition Free™ Consumer Newsletters, are designed to work together to form a complete and cohesive marketing system. We design each piece with your logo, colors, themes, and contact information. This system will show your customers that you are the quality "expert" they need.

Consumer Newsletters

Be Competition Free™ Consumer Newsletters have industry-related articles which enable you to use them for both customer follow-up and for prospecting. They show your customers that you are a quality expert. They give your customers timely tips about carpet cleaning maintenance and are part of the powerful Be Competition Free™ system that reminds your customers of your services.

Advanced Marketing Training

Audio training CDs that provide more in-depth audio business and strategy training for the owner/operator and staff. These audio CDs go into more details about business development. Some of the topics discussed include pricing your services, grooming your clientele, up-selling additional services, building a prospect list, and much more!

Ready to Be the Best?

Create a professional, clean image from your marketing materials to your van and uniform. Be the trustworthy cleaning expert that your customers will seek over and over. Know your "magic numbers" and how to keep track and reach your goals, and create the business you've always wanted.

Get Started now!

30-day money back guarantee

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how Be Competition Free™ can benefit you, please feel free to give us a call and talk to Steve Marsh personally!


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