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Be Competition Free  A Success Program
Raising your Cleaning Business Above your Competition

Is your overarching goal to provide outstanding cleaning services, to work for the best customers, to have a full schedule, to charge premium prices, to eliminate costly advertising, and to keep more of your profits?

Then the Be Competition Free™ program was created for you.

Filled with practical and realistic steps, this program shows how you can design your business to be able to take home $100,000 annually.
Created by Steve Marsh, a past Carpet & Fabricare Institute's Director, IICRC Master Cleaner, Sr. Carpet Inspector, teacher for IICRC Carpet & Upholstery Technician Classes, and consultant & teacher for owner/operator businesses.


Be Competition Free ™ is phase II of business growth. The strategy needed to start your business can only take you so far. To enjoy the greater profits and benefits of a successful business you must shift the overall strategy. This is what Be Competition Free is all about.

Growing a business is similar to changing gears when driving a car. First gear is designed to transition a car from a stopped position to moving. As soon as the car gets momentum going it needs to shift to second gear to be able to continue increasing speed. Later it will need to progress to other gears to continue taking advantage of even higher speeds. A car, stuck in first gear, is not going to be a fun way to drive around town.

Be Competition Free is the strategy, training, and turnkey system to transition your client base away from the dependence on advertising and price shoppers. It is designed to make your company appeal to repeat and referral customers, willing to pay extra for quality and service. As the number of repeat and referral customers increases, the amount of advertising and marketing that appeal to low-price shoppers will be decreased. This process does not happen without a specific plan...

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The Be Competition Free program is Phase 2 of business growth.
If you do not yet have a steady flow of customers to keep your schedule fully booked, you will want to look first into

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Owners stuck in the startup strategy generally top out, taking home about $50,000 annually from their company after paying the business expenses. The specific goal of Be Competition Free is to increase your take home profit to $100,000 annually without having to work any harder. Once you achieve this level there are more strategy changes that can take a single truck company to over $200,000 of annual take home profit for the owner.

If you do not yet have a steady flow of customers to keep your schedule fully booked, you will want to look first into That program is designed to help you quickly build a steady flow of profitable customers and build a solid company that runs smoothly.

A common response is for owners to tell me they want to hire employees. Expanding to multiple trucks and employees is a wonderful goal. But if you can’t earn $100K from one truck, how will you possibly succeed with multiple trucks? Once people realize how much can be made with a relatively carefree single truck business, they normally don’t see the point of drastically increasing the complexity and problems created by expanding. If you choose to expand, this program is the process for doubling the profit for each truck in a larger company.

Be Competition Free is a turnkey system. All of the strategy, follow-up system, and printed materials are customized to your business. You only have to put them to use. You are provided with convenient audio training which explains all you will need to know. You will also have a coach to guide you through the process.

Other industry marketing programs try to get you to become a marketing expert. I suppose that is good if you have an abundant amount of time and money and can treat this like a hobby. If I want a new car, it doesn’t make sense to go to engineering school to learn how to build it. I instead would rather go to a car dealership to choose the new car I want, drive away, and enjoy it.

Be Competition Free does most of the work for you. You only need to learn how to put it to use.

Why Steve Marsh is the single truck expert

Steve Marsh is the undisputed industry master at taking companies from startup to netting $100,000 annually and beyond (Take home income for the owner).

  • Recognized expert: He has helped hundreds of companies succeed over the last 15 years. Steve has been writing for the industry’s leading magazine, Cleanfax, for 10 years and has the column Single Truck Success. Steve has produced the industry’s best selling audio seminar also called Single Truck Success which has been endorsed by Prochem, Sapphire Scientific, and dealers across the country. He has the only detailed system which takes a company step-by-step through the process.
  • Unmatched technical expertise: For over 15 of the 30 years of running his company, Steve was the most certified and experience hands-on carpet cleaner in the country. As a Senior Carpet Inspector, instructor (20 years), Master Cleaner, and recognized as the leading on-location upholstery cleaning expert and trainer in the country, there is no one more experienced to guide you through the technical learning process of cleaning.
  • Upscale consumer market expert: Steve built his own cleaning company (Sold in 2004) to be one of the top charging companies. In 2004 he was charging $.70 per square foot(cleanable space) for basic cleaning. During peak seasons, of the final five years, he was scheduled out two months in advance. Steve is intimately familiar with what makes this most profitable target market willing to pay higher prices for its services. He has written many articles on this topic and helped companies shift to above average pricing. He has the complete strategy and turnkey system for helping companies shift from budget consumers to clients willing to pay extra for quality and service.
  • Industry's Yelp and Angie's List expert: Steve has published many articles on this subject for multiple magazines. He has personally helped dozens of companies shape their company profiles and determined how to get the most for both free and paid services from these consumer review sites.
  • Active marketing manager: Steve is the acting marketing manager for several service companies across the country. He is actually doing the things he teaches on a daily basis. He deals with advertising sales reps regularly and knows how to test and evaluate the offers they make. His biggest client for whom he is responsible for marketing is the largest privately owned pest control company in the San Francisco Bay Area which services 70 cities.

Details & Pricing

30-day money back guarantee

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how Be Competition Free™ can benefit you, please feel free to give us a call and talk to Steve Marsh personally!


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