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The  Be Competition Free  Program
Raise your Cleaning Business Above the Competition's

Do you want to be the best? Is your goal to provide outstanding cleaning services, to work for the best customers, to have a full schedule, to charge premium prices, to eliminate costly advertising, and to keep more of your profits?

Then the Be Competition Free™ program is for you.

Filled with practical and realistic steps, this program shows how you can design your business to be able to take home $100,000 annually.
Created by Steve Marsh, a past Carpet & Fabricare Institute's Director, IICRC Master Cleaner, Sr. Carpet Inspector, teacher for IICRC Carpet & Upholstery Technician Classes, and consultant & teacher for owner/operator businesses.

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What's Included?

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Program Details
Coaching Calls

One on one guidance with Steve Marsh

Audio Training

Be Competition Free audio CD training that explains the plan to maximize profits

Branded Printed Materials

All the printed items your company needs with your logo, colors, and themes with system and training

Consumer Newsletters

Customized Newsletters along with a follow-up system (holiday cards, reminder cards, etc.)

Advanced Marketing Training

A set of CDs with advanced training topics such as up-sales, pricing, etc.

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