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Do you want to be the best? Are you passionate about providing outstanding service, working for better customers, and charging more?

It’s crowded at the bottom

When I started my career, the top cleaner in my area shared a simple but profound thought. He said, “It's crowded at the bottom.” This cleaner charged more than everybody else, worked in the nicest homes, and was always booked.

This is what I wanted.

I never concerned myself with what the crowd of my competitors was doing. I didn't want what they were getting. Be Competition Free™ is for those who understand that you have to do something different if you want a better result. Carpet cleaning is an incredible business opportunity. Almost anyone can achieve remarkable success, but few rise above the crowd to grab the prize. Be Competition Free™ is your guide to becoming the best.

Two types of people...

The first are those who just do what everyone else does. When they see a company have unusual success, they justify it by saying it is “just luck”. They assume it is a freak situation. They are content struggling along with everyone else.

Be the Best

Then there are those who want to be the best. It disturbs them to see others doing better. They want to know what those people are doing differently. They know that if someone else has done it, they can do it also. Be Competition Free™ is for those achievers.

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Steve Marsh


  • Established the model for profitable owner/operator businesses
  • Cleanfax Magazine’s Single Truck Success columnist
  • Author of best selling audio seminar, Single Truck Success
  • Creator of the Be Competition Free Marketing System
  • Creator of Wizard Solution, customer tracking software designed for small business
  • Recognized for building a highly successful owner/operator businesses
  • Expert on winning high-end consumers
  • IICRC Industry instructor

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